Best Portfolio Photographer in Mumbai

Pixelnicstudio is the best portfolio photographer in Mumbai.

Our portfolio are made keeping in mind exactly what the Industry demands. We shoot at both indoor and outdoor locations.

A model portfolio is basically a collection of the best photographs of the model which are used to acquire fashion modelling assignments with renowned modeling clients.

So, it becomes imperative to get your portfolio done with great care and preparation to have an amazing start of your career.

Portfolios are an important investment towards an individuals’ profile. Portfolios consist of a history of all your work and achievements, etc. which curates interest towards your personality and engages the person going through your profile. It is a great way to showcase your work or art.

Pixelnicstudio conduct photo-shoots which are necessary for a portfolio and ensure that the best version of you is showcased in front of desired people or employers. These photo-shoots have to be highly professional and must display quality over quantity. It is unique and subtle, enhancing your profile incredibly.It is more likely to be a series of work with a unifying theme, style or taken through a specific medium, which creates a strong impact. A good quality portfolio photography ensures that the first impression is the best impression. It displays your personality as appealing and brings work offers as reward. Assembling a portfolio is an intensive procedure; however the excellence of a well-considered portfolio is that it gives people a reasonably clear idea of your identity.

Your portfolio must ideally contain 10-15 pictures. It should contain captivating clicks of what you are best at and must include photo-shoot pictures as well. Redundant photos must be excluded and the unifying theme should be clearly visible and understood by possible employer or recruiter. Presentation is the most important step of the portfolio-making process. People often have a good understanding of frame composition, aesthetics, designs, etc. One must package the images in a presentable and unique manner to gather attention


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